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Used, Refurbished and Surplus Analytical Instruments
FIB(Focused Ion Beam):

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  FEI FIB 200 $225,000

Prelens ion column, 50mm stage, 2 GIS, turbo vacuum --- FIB 200 and 800 series - Robust and Easy to Use FIBs

  FEI FIB 200 $250,000

Magnum ion column, 50mm stage, 2 GIS, turbo vacuum 

  FEI FIB800 $225,000

 8" XY stage travel, Prelens FIB, 2 GIS included.  Great for wafers and small parts.  

  Micrion 9500 $100,000

5nm Ga Ion column, 200mm stage, GAE gas box option, turbo vacuum


Interested in training? Contact us at info@technicalsalessolutions.com

  Dual Beam 235 $550,000

Schottky FEG, Magnum ion column,  2 GIS, DUAL BEAM with 50x50mm XY stage travel, 5 axis motor.  Omniprobe available, Evactron available, more GIS available.  Fully customizable for your application.

  Dual Beam 235 with Load Lock $600,000

 Dual Beam 235 with Load Lock and Drawer entry.  EDS and other options available!

  Dual Beam 237 $650,000

Dual Beam 237 has flip stage and STEM detector. Excellent DB for UHR SEM and STEM imaging.  EDS and other options available.

  Dual Beam 865 $495,000

Schottky FEG, MAGNUM ion, 2 GIS, 200mm stage, wafer loading robot

  Dual Beam Expida 1265 $0

CALL for price! 300mm Dual Beam - capable of loading 12", 8", and small parts.  EXCELLENT for lab and FAB usage.

  Dual Beam Strata 400 $650,000

Excellent DB for UHR SEM and imaging.  EDS, STEM, and other options available.

  DualBeam 830 $400,000

Schottky FEG, Pre Lens Ion, 2 GIS, 200mm stage, turbo vacuum

  DualBeam 835 $550,000

Schottky FEG, Magnum ion, 2 GIS, 200mm stage, 200mm Load Lock

  LEO-Zeiss 1540 XB $350,000

Gemini SEM and High Resolution FIB, large chamber.  Excellent performance.  Includes 2 gases.

SEM(Scanning Electron Microscopes):

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  FEI Quanta 600 $175,000

Large chamber W SEM, 6" XY travel.  Includes SE and BSE and Oxford Inca EDS.  Great microscope and easy to use!

  FEI XL30 $65,000

W SEM, SE, 50x50mm stage, 5-axis manual, ODP vacuum. 


  FEI XL30 $70,000

W SEM, 50x50mm, 2 axis motor stage, ZRT manual, ODP vacuum 

  FEI XL30 CP $85,000

W SEM. High and Low Vac capable.  50x50mm Stage.  Great workhorse tool.

  FEI XL30 FEG $125,000

FEG SEM, SE, 50x50mm stage, turbo vacuum

  FEI XL30 W 5 Axis TMP $120,000

 W SEM, 5 axis motor stage, TMP upgraded.  A VERY special tungsten SEM, ready for you!


  Hitachi 3000H $105,000

W SEM.  High Vacuum operation.  Win 2K.  Large stage.  

  Hitachi 3000N $80,000

W SEM, variable pressure, EDS included.  Very clean and nice scope and great for your research lab!

  Hitachi 4700-I $195,000

FEG SEM, ultra high resolution.  Type I stage. TMP vacuum.   New SDD EDS available.

  Hitachi 4700-II $250,000

FEG SEM, ultra high resolution.  Type II large stage.  EXCELLENT IMAGING.  Win XP and Turbo Pump.  New SDD EDS available.

  Hitachi 4800-I $225,000

 UHR FEG imaging with excellent 4800 performance.  Type I stage.  EDS optional

  Hitachi S 5200 $195,000

Cold FEG SEM, immersion imaging, SE, BSE, STEM, anti-contam trap, turbo vacuum

  Hitachi S-2300 $45,000

W SEM.  SE imaging. 80x40mm stage.  EDS ready!

  Hitachi S4160 $125,000

Cold FEG, 8 inch load lock, turbo vacuum, upgraded!  

  Hitachi S4500 II $125,000

FEG SEM, Type II large load lock, upgrades and modifications and modernizations.  READY for demo.

  Hitachi TM1000 Table Top $55,000

Convenient, small, easy to use Table Top SEM from Hitachi.  Ready to put on your table and use!

  JEOL 5800LV $75,000

W SEM with LV capability.  Great for startup lab users.  Can be configured with EDS as desired.  Large chamber!

  JEOL 6300F $125,000

Cold FEG, SE, 50x70mm stage

  JEOL 6320 $125,000

W SEM, great imaging, easy to use.

  JEOL 6340 FESEM $150,000

FEG SEM.  Large chamber, load lock.  Ultra high resolution SEM.

  JEOL 6400F $110,000

Cold FEG SEM, SE, 100x110mm stage, diffusion vacuum

  LEO 435VP $105,000

W SEM, variable pressure, SE/BSE, 100x125mm stage.

  LEO 438VP $110,000

W SEM, variable pressure, IXRF EDS included!

  Quanta 200 ESEM $125,000

W SEM.  High, Low and ESEM mode capable.  50x50mm stage.  Beautiful system for research and development. 

  Quanta 400 ESEM $130,000

 W SEM, SE/BSE, 4" large stage, 4 axis motorized, tilt manual.  Call for more info.

  TESCAN Mira 3 $515,000

2011 model year TESCAN MIRA 3 FEG SEM.  Oxford EDS, WDS, and EBSD included!  This is a great tool at a great price.

  Zeiss EVO50 SEM $140,000

2008 Model year Zeiss EVO 50 SEM.  LaB6 upgraded.  Large chamber and stage, 90 degree tilt.  

  Zeiss Merlin FEG SEM $595,000

SUPERIOR IMAGING   This Merlin SEM has SE, BSE and EsB detectors.  It is 2013 model year, gently used and ready for demo and sale.

TEM(Transmission Electron Microscopes):

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  FEI Tecnai 10 $145,000

100KV, LaB6 filament, High contrast lens, TVIPS camera included.  Was under service contract.

  FEI/Philips CM-10 $110,000

100kV, Biological Set up, Cameras optional

  FEI/Philips CM100 $115,000

100KV, Compustage, Flexible and easy to use.  Camera optional.

  FEI/Philips CM12 $125,000

120KV TEM, W source, BF, DF, Diffraction, EDS capable.  Camera optional. excellent for materials and asbestos analysis

  FEI/Philips CM120 $150,000

120 KV TEM.  BF, DF, and Diffraction modes.  Camera optional.  EDS optional.

  FEI/Philips CM120 BioTwin LaB6 $165,000

120KV LaB6 TEM, BioTwin with cryo shields.  Equipped wiht TVIPS 4K camera.  Was under service contract.  Available for sale now!

  FEI/Philips CM200 FEG $225,000

 200KV, Schottky FEG, Excellent Imaging, Single Tilt holder, Analytical capable.  Camera optional.  Scope is a beauty!

  Hitachi HD2000 STEM $265,000

Dedicated 200KV STEM with SEM SE and TEM transmission detectors.  Great imaging!

  JEOL 1010 $150,000

100KV TEM, tungsten filament - great for research and bio.  Camera optional. 

  JEOL 1200EX $125,000

120KV TEM, Tungsten, excellent for materials and asbestos analysis, camera optional, EDS optional.

  JEOL 2010 $250,000

200KV TEM, LaB6, single tilt holder, camera optional

  Philips EM208 $105,000

 Tungsten TEM, easy to use, great for biologists.  Modern interface.  CCD camera optional, refurbished cameras are available.

  Tecnai F30 FEG S/TEM $950,000

FEG S/TEM, 300KV, fully loaded: STEM, HAADF, BF/DF, EDAX EDS, Gatan Tridiem, EFTEM EELS, Holography, Lorentz Lens, Biprism, Single tilt and DT holders, Diffusion Vac.  CALL  !!

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